Barry R. Cramer - Pastor

Pastor Cramer grew up in Martinsville, Indiana.  He served in the Navy located out of San Diego, California. Once he was honorably discharged he moved back to his hometown of Martinsville, met and married his lovely wife Sis. Kay Cramer.  

Pastor Cramer began to feel the call of God in his life.  Him and Sister Cramer while not raised under the Apostolic Pentecostal teachings and beliefs were always God conscience.   As he was being led towards the Lord they began to attend a trinity denominational church.  While attending this church they continued to question many things and felt a need for more.  Through that process the Lord put an Apostolic Pentecostal holy ghost filled gentlemen right in his midst on his job.  This man began to earnestly witness to him each and every night.

Through this process Pastor Cramer  was baptized in the precious name of Jesus.  Then they attended a Sunday morning service and it was at that service that Sister Cramer was filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in the precious name of Jesus and Pastor Cramer was filled with the Holy Ghost on the same day at the Sunday evening service in 1967 at the Emmanuel Apostolic church located in Martinsville, Indiana.  

Pastor Cramer has pastored several churches throughout the state of Indiana and won many souls to the Kingdom of God.  He feels his greatest blessing in life is having a close personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  His expression of love for all people and his commitment to helping others achieve a closer walk with the Lord makes him an excellent pastor and respected man of God.